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Tara Adams


Hello!!! My name is Tara Adams and I am the owner and primary instructor at ASL Expressions LLC. I have known and used ASL for over 22 years, and have 15 years of experience in teaching students this incredibly beautiful language. My journey to ASL began after many frustrating years in public schools, without sign language, and a rapidly progressing hearing loss. Eventually, my loss became so profound that I was unable to be successful in classroom settings without a sign language interpreter. At this point, I had not been introduced to sign language, so we needed a way for me to learn FAST. Thankfully, I was referred to Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind in Gooding, Id. I will never forget the first day I walked into the cafeteria and saw a room FULL of Deaf people just like me! Students and staff were signing and showing their hearing aids proudly! That was the first day in several years that I pulled my hair up into a ponytail, no longer ashamed of my hearing loss.

My life truly began at the vulnerable age of 14 in a crowded cafeteria. My experience has sparked a deep insatiable passion for ASL and the Deaf community, my goal is countrywide awareness and appreciation of ASL and Deaf Culture. My favorite part of what I do is not only sharing the beauty of ASL and Deaf culture but also the incredible people I meet along the way. So many friendships have been built over the years with kind and open-hearted individuals who desire to reach those who may often appear unreachable. To all of you, my deepest gratitude for opening your hearts and minds and discovering the beauty that is within the Deaf community. I look forward to serving you, interacting with you and hopefully inspiring you in the journey!

ASL Expressions was created to fill a gap that has long existed.

New beginning classes starting soon. Remote video classes now available. Contact us for an updated schedule or more information.

Visual and Interactive Language
Although online tools and books are available, ASL is a visual and interactive language and most people who attempt to learn this way become frustrated and give up before achieving fluency. Some businesses and organizations who may offer an ASL class, provide little or no opportunity to advance beyond a beginning level. ASL Expressions Learning Center is dedicated to instructing those who want to learn American Sign Language but have been barred for the aforementioned reasons.

We hold a vision of a place that any individual, at any level of American Sign Language fluency (including none) can attend and acquire the quality, interactive instruction necessary to master ASL*. It is our passion to bring awareness to the greater community about ASL and Deaf Culture. Here at ASL Expressions, we have worked hard to develop a curriculum that is both fun and motivational. We are proud to introduce our inviting classroom environment. We are dedicated to quality instruction at an affordable price.



Are you wondering if ASL classes are for you? Here are some things to consider.

Have you ever met a Deaf person and felt bad that you could not communicate effectively with him of her?

Do you work, live with or interact with individuals who have developmental disabilities; who may or may not also have a hearing loss, but struggle to communicate verbally.

Do Deaf people frequent or work at your place of employment, and you would like to be able to better serve them?

Do you want to be able to talk with others across a crowded room (without ever saying a word?)

Do you love learning and challenging yourself and want to find something that sparks your passion?

Would you like to learn to talk with your mouth full?

Do you have an infant/toddler, or plan to have one? If so, have you heard that teaching them sign language at an early age encourages early self-expression and reduces tantrums?

Are you a daycare worker/provider who would like to offer sign language to your children to encourage bilingualism?

Have you ever wanted to learn a second language, but just couldn’t decide on one?

Are you losing your hearing late in life and think it is too late to learn a new language? Are you tired of people yelling at you to communicate?

Do you have a friend, neighbor, acquaintance or family member with a hearing loss and would like to include him or her in conversations and family or social events? Do you want to be able to communicate with that person without misunderstanding and embarrassment?

Are you looking for something that will foster bonding and communication in your family? Something you can all do together?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then ASL Expressions might be just what you are looking for!


Fees are due on the first day of class. If you become unable to attend the remainder of your session, we can transfer you to a future class for a $10.00 processing fee. If you are unable to attend a scheduled private tutoring session, a cancellation notice of at least 24 hours is required or full session fee will be charged. Scholarships may be available based on applicants’ income. Reasons for taking ASL classes may also be considered for scholarships on a case by case basis. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!


Tara was my first American Sign Language teacher over ten years ago. Her ability to navigate the line between the Deaf and hearing worlds was invaluable at time. Learning a new language can be scary, and even trying to communicate with a Deaf person for the first time can feel intimidating, but Tara’s ability to communicate in both English and ASL made the experience so enjoyable and beneficial! We owe much of our language skills and involvement in the Deaf community to her favorable first impression and her fine teaching skills, and I have recommended her to countless friends and community members who want to learn sign language in an affordable and comfortable environment. Ten years later, my daughter’s best friend takes American Sign Language classes from Tara, and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Des Baker


Tara at ASL Expressions, LLC has been such a blessing to our family. Our son was diagnosed with a degenerative hearing loss in 2015. We were fortunate enough to get hearing aids for him right away however, we know he is going to keep losing his hearing. Our biggest fear is that our son will feel ostracized from our family. We cant imagine what it would be like not to be able to communicate with him. Learning a new language was very intimidating to us. We didn’t think we could learn it. Tara has taken all of our fears away! We now know that we are fully capable of learning sign and we know we will always be able to communicate with our son. This is such a huge gift to our family! We will forever be grateful.

The Kaesemeyer’s Doe

Having been a student of Tara’s to help me learn ASL, I want to thank her for not only teaching us the language, but also of the Deaf Community as a whole. Their mannerisms, their struggles with the hearing world, any the whys of how things are done differently in their culture. I truly love my time in her class and cannot wait to continue on my journey to one day being proficient in the language. Tara herself, is an inspiration of a kind, caring person who did not see her deafness as a challenge, but as a way to use it to help change the way others see deaf people and to educate the hearing. Thank you Tara for all you do!!



Tara’s sign language courses are amazing! Class sizes are small and intimate providing a great environment for learning. She teaches with enthusiasm and humor that make the lessons fun and enjoyable every week! Her real life experience and knowledge of the deaf community gives us insights that would never be as effectively taught in a book. We love ASL Expressions!

Jennifer & Mia McMullin

One can tell that helping others build a bridge between the hearing and deaf communities is a passion for Tara. She embraces everyone, no matter what has motivated their desire to learn American Sign Language. Classes are upbeat, fun and often full of happy laughter. Learning a second language can be challenging at times, but with Tara I have never felt timid about trying to sign. Thank you for being so wonderful Tara!

Heather Ellis


I admire Tara on both a personal and professional level. It doesn’t surprise me that she is loved by both Deaf and hearing communities, and I’m inspired by the way that she has overcome struggles from having to find her identity in both. Tara has an amazing gift of empowering others without making them feel judged or unwelcome. I have seen her in a variety of settings, and her enthusiasm and integrity ring true. Her signing is easy to understand and her teaching methods have helped me immensely over the past few years! I recommend ASL Expressions courses taught by Tara to anyone and everyone wanting to learn or improve their American Sign Language skills.

Becky Baranco


Tara is hands down (no pun intended) the best teacher, tutor and mentor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. No need to mention that I have a fair amount of educational experiences in my past. In Taras class, actions (with your hands) speak louder than words! This is just one of the many English idioms you will learn how to sign if you allow yourself to open up to Deaf culture and the beauty of American Sign Language.

Mike Burkhart


Tara’s ASL courses are a great way of learning to communicate via Sign Language. In an informal and fun environment she provides informative, layer building knowledge in a way that is both enjoyable and confidence building. I would highly recommend both her and her classes.



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